Thursday, August 26, 2010

Florida weather

My kids came back to Florida 2 days ago from Puerto Rico.. well they were in PR for 3 months and never Gabriela suffered from allergies or bloody nose.. or Kaleb suffered from Asthma... so guess what? they started with their asthma, allergies, and nose bleeds..!! on day 1! come on Florida! I know this is so true it happens to a lot of people! I should move to the island again.

Kaleb- First day in school and the teacher already told me how he was not paying attention and focusing. My child is a boy that loves to observe everything so I bet he was observing, looking, and touching. This morning he woke up with asthma so he took his meds.

Gabi -  She loved her school! she said it was fun and she go to help little kids learn their homework. I am so glad for her. 2 days and no ADHD pillls!! so exited about that. Hopefully she can continue without them.

Sarit -  well she was not happy this morning either so she left crying. My Husband had to deal with it while I got the other kids ready.

Yariliz - she keeps liking her school. She is so into photography and I am really taking my time to try to teach her stuff. If this is something she likes then we have something in common to do just the 2 of us.

Jahziel - Nothing much with him. He says Lil (Lily) and he does it when she is around, so he is calling her. she loves to spoil him (yariliz).

Me- had no homework done yesterday! Booooo! so today I am going to catch up with that! 8 days with no red meats and is not that bad! I actually enjoy it.

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