Sunday, September 5, 2010


The kids (update)

Yariliz.. she is with her grandma for the weekend poor girl the things she has to see and listen to. I hope that this court situation wont damage her for life. she is so sweet and so innocent! You know I take care of this girl at the extreme. God gave her to me to take care of her. I dont allow her to spend the night at anyones house, she is not allow to visit friends, and she has never ever been to daycare. I love her to much to put her  in harms way! so until she is 28 this is the way it will be!!

Gabi... sweet Gabi is being such a good girl! no more pills for her ADHD I guess she out grew it! I am so proud of her and the way she is handling her stress and her angers!

Mr Monkey ... I love that boy!

Sarit.... nothing much going on with her other than her being happy that her brother Kaleb is finally back! them 2 can burn a city!

Mister Yoshi.... waking up every hour to nurse is killing me! he is army crawling and talking so much more!! I am so in love with my lil man!

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