About us


Me - MOM (the leader of the pack)

-Monica Cielo-31 years old-Student-SAHM-parenting style: -traditional all the way- I love to cloth diaper- I love to Breastfeed- I love natural things for my kiddos.

-Lamberto. (the working man). Friendly.hard worker.full of love.likes to help. fun. loves to play with the kids.Kid.sweet heart.handsome. provider.smiley.My Mexican

-Yariliz Angelie (the supervisor).11 years old. sweet.friendly.loving.Respectful.6th grader.beautiful.smart.creative.funny.my flaki

-Gabriela Ailsa (Perfectionist).8 years old.sweet.friendly.funny.caring.always happy.always worried about others.2nd grader.smart.beautiful.my sunshine

-Kaleb Joel (the planner).5years old.funny.silly.mama's boy.handsome.smart.kind.loving.friendly.crazy.happy.my monkey

-Sarit Zoe (the follower).3 years old.sweet.creative.curious.full of energy.starting prek this year. daddy's girl.silly.beautiful.my joy

-Jahziel Eli (the breast monkey). 6 months.super cute. chunky.smart.happy.mama's boy.curious.my yoshi.