Thursday, September 30, 2010

Table time devotional for today

Water, Water Everywhere

Mealtime Prayer: After the leader prays each phrase, everyone says, “We thank You,

dear Lord.”

Leader: For food to eat and water to drink,

For healthy bodies and minds that think,

For all that we have and all we enjoy,

For every girl and every boy.

Appetizer: Try to come up with 10 uses for water. Go!

Main Course: Eat as much of your dinner as you can without taking a drink. How long

could you last? Why do we need to drink? What makes us thirsty? When do you most

appreciate an ice-cold glass of water?

Table Talk:

• Jesus is called the “Living Water.” How is He like water? Why do we need Him?

• Where can we find “living water”? How can we drink “living water”?

• Why does the satisfaction of “living water” last forever?

Vitamins and Minerals: “Whoever drinks of the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life” (John 4:14).

Hope You try this... will bring some more fun to the table each day..


Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Took the kids fishing the other day. They had a blast! It was their first time doing this in salt water so they were exited specially when all the dolphins and manatees decided to come and preform a nice show for us. It was beautiful! they were so close to us that I am sure we could have reached in and touch them. So nice!!

School is going fantastic for us so far. Yariliz (11) had a hard time last year with classes and with was very shy and quiet this year she started a private school where her class size is of SIX ... 6 ... including her.. her self esteem has gone up from -1 to 9! It is a wonderful feeling to know that I did something right. I can't believe the positive change I see in her in only a month! God is amazing and he never leaves us!

KJ is doing first grade work the teacher says he is to smart for KG. He know how to add and how to take away and he can do the problems really fast in his head. So I am very very proud of him and all he has done in his short school life.

Sarit and Gaby are both doing great and are both great helpers in the house. Gaby has not taken her pill in more than 4 months and she is doing exellent at school and in the house! she is amazing and has an amazing heart!

we started the "jewel Jars" system and I went and did it the cheap way.. I got baby food yars and wrote their names on it. They get 3 beads for cleaning their room, 4 for chores, 2 for helping out when needed, I also take away when they dont follow rules or hit. The first one to reach the top wins a price and gets to choose were we are spending our family night at. So far they love this system!

that is all for now!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Updates =))

Me = I am so behind on school work! Nothing due in the next few days but readings are not being done as planned. I need to get back on tracked.. I am so tired lately because Yoshi has not been sleeping at night and is taking a lot of my little anergy. I need a boost so I can do all I have to do. Schedules with the kids are running as planned. Everyone is actually doing good and following what's expected of them.

Yariliz - Lily is doing great in school. She loves it! is funny because I used to beg her to wear shorts and skirts and all she wanted to wear was jeans...  Now she wants to only wear shorts and skirts! talk about a boost in her self esteem!

Gabi- she has been off the pill for a few months and was doing ok until last month. The teacher told me she needed to focus more and finish her work.

KJ - My little monkey and the only one that wants does not wants to follow instructions or schedules! We are taking it little by little with him. He is a man and is spoiled.

Sarit - Loves her Prek!!! we are so exited that she adjusted so well!! she never been to daycare (without me) so this is all new for her, but she loves it! poor thing!

Jahziel - TEETHING! he really needs some sleep! he is very cranky but I think that teeth is about to pop!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The kids (update)

Yariliz.. she is with her grandma for the weekend poor girl the things she has to see and listen to. I hope that this court situation wont damage her for life. she is so sweet and so innocent! You know I take care of this girl at the extreme. God gave her to me to take care of her. I dont allow her to spend the night at anyones house, she is not allow to visit friends, and she has never ever been to daycare. I love her to much to put her  in harms way! so until she is 28 this is the way it will be!!

Gabi... sweet Gabi is being such a good girl! no more pills for her ADHD I guess she out grew it! I am so proud of her and the way she is handling her stress and her angers!

Mr Monkey ... I love that boy!

Sarit.... nothing much going on with her other than her being happy that her brother Kaleb is finally back! them 2 can burn a city!

Mister Yoshi.... waking up every hour to nurse is killing me! he is army crawling and talking so much more!! I am so in love with my lil man!