Monday, January 17, 2011

{ Happy 1st Birthday Jahziel }

We had a big celebration yesterday 1/16/2011 my little angel turned one!!
I can't even begin to explain how I feel, time has gone by so fast that I feel like life is taking him ( and my other kids ) away..
I feel blessed to be his mother. I still remember wen I was trying to conceive and the things I did to make sure I was having a boy.. I charted, took my temp every day, watch for body signs, counted days, used ovulation tests, and waited for the right time! So funny because some thought I was crazy, but I knew this worked ( worked for my 5 year old son too). I so remember when I tested positive and when my hyperemesis kicked. I would never forget the days spent in the ER due to hyperemesis and high blood pressure.
The day I had an Ultrasound done and the only thing we were watching for was for privates. Seeing his little boyhood was so exiting for me because that was what I wanted and God gave me the gift of having a lil boy!

This year has been amazing! Jahzi is an amazing lil guy. He feels my heart with Joy and with laughter I love him with all my heart and can't imagine my life without him! Jahziel was never known for crying to much or for being sick. He is known for being happy and content (and for being a boob monster). We also started cloth diapering one year ago so we are also celebrating this!! I did not buy a single pack of diapers in one year!!!! I think I saved over $1,000 in one year! and we are also celebrating one year of breast feeding, I also saved more than $2,000 in formula!! Not only did Jahzi and I saved money but we are doing our share in saving the environment!

I am not a good writter but I just wanted to share a little of how amazing my year has been with my lil boy!!

Our amazing cake was made by Zoily's cake you can follow her on FACEBOOK!

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