Friday, October 15, 2010

Just us

I grew up with 2 sisters, mom, a dad, a aunt, an uncle, 3 cousins, 2 grandma, and a grandpa. My world and life was always around these people. I was a happy girl and always had someone to play with or spend time with. My kids are not as lucky.. They just have me! Is very sad to see that no one (only their dad) calls to check on them. no one visits them and no one picks them up. I am teaching them that all they have is me and their siblings and I guess this is a great opportunity to teach them about it. They have family around them they have aunts and cousins but funny how they are all busy to take the time to call them.. any ways..
Got report cards.. excellent! the teacher gave me great comments about them and I am very proud of my lil monsters! my business is just starting to get out there/ I got my van ready with my magnets and decals, got postcards and cards so I am all ready... we are taking a trip to Mexico in Feb to visit my husbands mom who is very sick and dying.. other than that nothing new around here these days!
Oh forgot to add I started a lil invitation/card business I am starting at it so I don't have much to show but here is my link

My latest Photo of my baby!

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