Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Took the kids fishing the other day. They had a blast! It was their first time doing this in salt water so they were exited specially when all the dolphins and manatees decided to come and preform a nice show for us. It was beautiful! they were so close to us that I am sure we could have reached in and touch them. So nice!!

School is going fantastic for us so far. Yariliz (11) had a hard time last year with classes and with was very shy and quiet this year she started a private school where her class size is of SIX ... 6 ... including her.. her self esteem has gone up from -1 to 9! It is a wonderful feeling to know that I did something right. I can't believe the positive change I see in her in only a month! God is amazing and he never leaves us!

KJ is doing first grade work the teacher says he is to smart for KG. He know how to add and how to take away and he can do the problems really fast in his head. So I am very very proud of him and all he has done in his short school life.

Sarit and Gaby are both doing great and are both great helpers in the house. Gaby has not taken her pill in more than 4 months and she is doing exellent at school and in the house! she is amazing and has an amazing heart!

we started the "jewel Jars" system and I went and did it the cheap way.. I got baby food yars and wrote their names on it. They get 3 beads for cleaning their room, 4 for chores, 2 for helping out when needed, I also take away when they dont follow rules or hit. The first one to reach the top wins a price and gets to choose were we are spending our family night at. So far they love this system!

that is all for now!


  1. I think Alyssa is still too young for the jar system. I might do it for Alexia alone for now but we shall see.

  2. Love the idea of the 'jewel jars' :)