Sunday, September 12, 2010


Updates =))

Me = I am so behind on school work! Nothing due in the next few days but readings are not being done as planned. I need to get back on tracked.. I am so tired lately because Yoshi has not been sleeping at night and is taking a lot of my little anergy. I need a boost so I can do all I have to do. Schedules with the kids are running as planned. Everyone is actually doing good and following what's expected of them.

Yariliz - Lily is doing great in school. She loves it! is funny because I used to beg her to wear shorts and skirts and all she wanted to wear was jeans...  Now she wants to only wear shorts and skirts! talk about a boost in her self esteem!

Gabi- she has been off the pill for a few months and was doing ok until last month. The teacher told me she needed to focus more and finish her work.

KJ - My little monkey and the only one that wants does not wants to follow instructions or schedules! We are taking it little by little with him. He is a man and is spoiled.

Sarit - Loves her Prek!!! we are so exited that she adjusted so well!! she never been to daycare (without me) so this is all new for her, but she loves it! poor thing!

Jahziel - TEETHING! he really needs some sleep! he is very cranky but I think that teeth is about to pop!

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