Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to school = headache!!

Nothing much happening my way today.. my house is kind of boring when we are missing two! =( I been planning back to school schedules and I already have a big major headache! Between supplies,, clothes, shoes, socks, schedules I think I might go bananas!

I go back to school on the 16th so this will get interesting once again! I am taking 4 classes this semester but 5 next semester!

OMG talk about terrible 3's!!!!! I am so ready for her to start school!!!! she is such a independent little girl and she thinks she is the boss! her favorite word right now... " you annoying".. WTH? Really? LOL the thinks the learn from us and older siblings!

Here is a pic of my precious terrible 3 angel!
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  1. jaja! I have one and I got a headache. Sarit....she needs to go to school!

  2. She's beautiful!

    Back to school was always stressful for my mom too -- she also had a litter of 5! :o)

  3. Funny Sarah is crazy! LOL it takes them about a month to get use to the new schedules and stuff..