Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Us...


Me - MOM (the leader of the pack)
-Monica Cielo-31 years old-Student-SAHM-parenting style: -traditional all the way- I love to cloth diaper- I love to Breastfeed- I love natural things for my kiddos.
Lamberto. (the working man). Friendly.hard worker.full of love.likes to help. fun. loves to play with the kids.Kid.sweet heart.handsome. provider.smiley.My Mexican 

Yariliz Angelie (the supervisor).11 years old. sweet.friendly.loving.Respectful.6th flaki

Gabriela Ailsa (Perfectionist).8 years old.sweet.friendly.funny.caring.always happy.always worried about others.2nd sunshine

Kaleb Joel (the planner).5years old.funny.silly.mama's monkey

Sarit Zoe (the follower).3 years old.sweet.creative.curious.full of energy.starting prek this year. daddy's joy

Jahziel Eli (the breast monkey). 6 months.super cute.'s yoshi.

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