Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesterday I started my semester in college and wow! I have 4 classes to take and I will be super busy. I need to get organized ASAP. My kiddos will be here in 6 days and I am almost done with their schedules, chores, and other charts. Last year we did One chore a day for each and I would assign them, but this year I am not sure if I want to start putting chores in a bag and have them pick out a paper. We had major problems with me setting the chores on the chart because they "did that one last week" or "how come she never does that" So I think I will give the bag thing a try.

They start school on Monday the 23rd but 2 of them wont be home until the 24th so that means they will miss 2 days of school. I am very exited because they are starting a new school! A private christian school! Very exited that they have the opportunity to do this!

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