Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy to have my Cinco....

My kids are all together again. KJ and Gabi made it home last night after a long vacation in Puerto Rico. I can't even begin to explain the Joy and the relief I feel that they made it home in one piece. I am just glad to have my normal life back with all my 5 stars. My sky was empty with just a few stars. My sunshine was missing and the cutest stars of all was absent.

KJ looks exactly the same he looked 3 months ago. He was so happy to see me. His eyes sparkled as he ran to my arms. As usual he jumped on me and hugged me for like it seems for ever. he started Kinder today he sure was happy! my baby monkey is growing up so fast!!!

Gabi looks precious as usual. Looks like she gained a few pounds over at the island. She was so happy to see us all and be home again.

My house finally feels complete and normal. Jahzi feels kind of lost he can't remember them so he is observing his siblings.... ahhhhhh! now to unpack. I sent little stuff over and they came back packed!

pictures to come!

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