Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am so over this drama with my ex! I mean really why is he so stupid? and why  does he allows his wife to control his life? all I want is for my daughter have a normal relationship with her dad! I mean, really why can't he make the effort to bond with her and not allow someone else to control his time with her? Can you believe that woman sent MY daughter with her ex husband's house? how dare she?? she is MY daughter not hers!!! I would never had allowed her to go to anyone house much less a man I have no clue who he is!! I am so done with all of this! so I will take one day at a time and try to keep her here until he realises that he needs to be a man and tell his controlling wife to step off!!

anyways.... My kids are finally coming home on Tuesday!! i can't wait to see them! I missed them so much and I cant wait to hug them and kiss them!

I had open houses yesterday for all of them and I love their school. They will be starting a new private christian school so is something totally new for them! I am so exited for this opportunity . Sarit is starting headstart and she is not exited at all.... She keeps saying is KJ's school and not hers, so I know on Monday it will be crying time!! That girl needs to get to school for real! she is very delay in her speech and because of state budgets they are giving bigger kids (5 year olds) priority so we have to wait her turn. I hope she really learns new words and new things.

I started my semester and I am already lost! I need to find a way to organize myself and stay organized. I think when they are all back to school it will be so much easier for me to stay up to date with my school! I am so exited and I cant wait to finish my degree and go out and work! is my 3rd year so almost 1 1/2 years and I am done. I am seriously taking 18 credits next semester.. is a lot but with the kids in school I have lots of time in my hand to do it, and do it right!

well so long!


  1. I'm so sorry, Moni!! :( Sending you some love!

  2. is ok you know at the end God brings Justice and then we have to feel sorry for the people who will get judge by the Judge of Judges! I just sit and wait because the day will come!