Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A new day...

Jahziel been doing really good about sitting up alone! we are so proud of him and he is very proud too. LOL he likes to sit up playing to play his toy piano.. I am so blessed with these kids! I thank God every day for giving me the opportunity to be their mama! they are the cutest, sweetest, nicest kids around.. OH and coolest! LOL

I am still missing Gabi and KJ so much, my house is so empty without them.. they will back on the 24th and I cant wait!!!!!

School starts on the 23rd this year and I am very exited to get started. I have planning day tomorrow about the "House Rules" "chores chart" and "behavior chart" these charts usually works for us! Everyone knows what we expect from them, they all now what to do and when, and they know what will happen when they decide to be naughty! I need to sit down and plan and then make the charts before they are back!

School starts for me on the 16th and I cant wait to finish my B.A.. it has taken me a good 8 years ::blush:: between breaks and pregnancies! But hey at least I am doing it!

Lamberto is still studying for his ASVAB test! I am so proud of him ... he is not fluent in English and his first practice test he got a score of 6, second time a passing score of 31, and 3rd time he got a score of 36!!!! He is so exited and ready for the real thing! we will see.. he has to go back on the 19th!! This will be a life changing event for all of us! We really need this! my ex is also joining so at least my other kiddos will have their benefits!

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